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Producer Profiles

Ralph Hoelscher

Ralph Hoelscher and Family

Meet Ralph Hoelscher. He was born in Ballinger, Texas. He currently lives and farms near Miles, Texas. Ralph attended San Angelo College and earned a Ph.D. from the "University of Hard Knocks." He married his wife, Noemi, in 1967. They have a son and a daughter. Together they attend the Holy Family Catholic Church in Mereta, Texas. His hobbies are fishing and hunting.

The governor of Texas appointed Ralph to serve on the board of directors for the Upper Colorado River Authority. In this position Ralph helped make the world a better place by assisting in establishing the Oil Field Clean-up Program along with the Texas Railroad Commission designed to stop salt water from mixing with fresh water. His concern with taking care of our natural resources caused him to work in eliminating salt cedar and brush from rivers, reservoirs and watershed making for a better more effective way to save and produce water.

He is a fifth generation farmer and rancher, farming since 1963. He began farming organically in 1993. Ralph has 900 acres growing organic cotton, hay, milo and wheat.

Ralph organically grows cotton for 2 reasons: (1) to produce chemical free feed, food and fiber and (2) for the additional revenue that this type of cotton brings. The reward Ralph receives from producing organically is the satisfaction of producing chemical free products in a chemical minded world.